Paravento for Ophelis

Paravento is a visual and acoustic partitioning system for offices which has several unique qualities. In contrast to the highly technical appearance of most partitioning systems, the basic principle behind this product is to include all the technical functions with a well dressed and friendly look. The system combines the varying requirements of a modern work environment with an easy design language.

With Paravento, the body of the partition screens is dressed with a tailor-made cover for hiding its functional elements. The characteristic radius of the paravento system evoke a bodily impression and remind of human shoulders.
Paravento divides rooms, serves as a screen, creates personal retreats and wardrobes and rooms for phone calls. Individual elements can be combined by using a hook and loop system to create connected structures. This makes it possible to define personal retreats in open spaces where individual employees or teams can work and communicate while being acoustically and visually shielded.

The system comes in three versions: S, M and L. The versions differ in thickness and functionality: S serves as a purely visual screen, M offers organizational and acoustic options, and L offers additional electrification.

What distinguishes paravento from other systems is its completely hidden organization rail, which provides room for add-ons such as monitor swivel arms, lamps, trays and accessories – it combines functionality with simplicity.
The idea of a ‘dressed-up’ furniture is emphasized by the option of combining different colors within a single element. The hidden organisation rail marks the point where the upper and lower part of the textile covering meet. Thus, the design options are increased by a wide range of color and textile combinations.

With its unique design, paravento creates a comfortable and productive work atmosphere.